Some Artists Who Work With Crayons

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For inspiration, here are some artists who have done incredible things with crayons.

Don Marco.  Following his career in air traffic control, Don Marco focused on further developing the techniques for crayon art that he has created.  He lives in Southern California and has a gallery in Red Wing, Minnesota. Here are two examples of his remarkable work.

Glen's Crayon Art.  Glen says that his grade-school teacher told him:  "You can make crayons look like oil paint if you work at it"... and Glen says:

I am still working at it. I did oil paint, and then moved on to 40 years of serious photography. I dreamed and planned for a life filled with photographic images…but wait…What about crayons? What if I tried to take those cumbersome crayons to a “fine art” level? It would be kind of unexpected; don’t you think? worked out pretty well, don't you think?

We'll be posting some addition links to talented artists who work with crayons in the near future.