The Lady & the Cat, Embellished with Glitter

Posted by on 3/26/2017 to Coloring Techniques      Share  | 
In the let's get more creative with Color Grandeā„¢ department we wanted to dress the Lady in a glamorous dress. You can too. We cheated a little and first gave her liposuction on the massive buttock area. (She was really enjoying those donuts before.) We made a portion of the buttock area a pillow. Now she is sleek. To trim off a hunk of her, first use a pencil to outline new pillow if pleased black ball point pen to outline new pillow then color solid or with the same pencil/pen make your own pattern. Do not use colored marker - it will bleed. Now color with crayons all you want - color then apply the glitter carefully in the blank space to your desire. It is a good idea to sketch the outline of the dress on paper for practice first - cut out and use for a template to "design" dress. Short looks better. Lightly sketch outline with pencil to mark your glitter lines. Practice with the glitter on a part of the test swatch. If pleased, you go girl. Be sure to let the glue and glitter thoroughly dry before mounting the work on the provided stretcher frames. Hang and show off!